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Our mission:
To promote appreciation and preservation of the environment
through education and fellowship.

W. S. Blatchley
"There are, in my opinion, too many specialists
and too few naturalists in the world today."
— Willis S. Blatchley
Founded 1922 by Dr. Earl Brooks
President: Rick Towle

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Common Birds of Indiana (1945), by Earl Brooks (8MB PDF file)

The Days of a Naturalist: An Autobiography of W. S. Blatchley (280KB PDF file)
2014 Message from the President

Ladies and gentlemen…

I keep my words and thoughts simple this year. I'll offer some advice to help get you through life.

Go outside as often as you can.
     Take a walk in the woods.
          Sit on a bench and listen.
               Be alone outdoors.
                    Relax under a maple tree in autumn,
                         watching the leaves swirl and drop to the ground.
               Watch birds and butterflies and bees fly.
          Lie back and watch the clouds go by.
     Give the sun a chance to kiss your face.
Listen to the babbling of a stream.
Enjoy the beauty of nature at every opportunity.

I hope to see all of you find that Blatchley Nature Study Club gives you the chance to do some of these simple things to relieve stress, clear your head, and reconnect with the part of you that gets forgotten far too often.

Find yourself…outdoors!

— Rick Towle, President
Blatchley Nature Study Club
Blatchley Nature Study Club, Inc.
125 Boulder Drive, Noblesville, Indiana 46060
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Rick Towle, President
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